Jablotron | Creating Alarms 

At last… Your schedule has permitted you that long deserved early Friday night out with your family and friends – the first time in months. The project you have been slogging on is done. Time for the good times to roll and catching up with each other’s lives….

As you leave the late night movie session after a wonderful dinner, you notice that dreaded text notification from your armed response company. You try and call, but their “service center” does not answer. You have to get back home. Your friend offers to drives with.

Stuck to your gate is the “call-out” receipt of the armed response company, stating that “all is in order….” Your insides twist into a knot as you remember last week’s article in the local newspaper, where, just three blocks over, a young couple were brutally raped and killed coming back from a night out after also receiving various alarm notifications and having armed reaction officers “attend” those. They broke into the garage and waited for them where they overpowered them… You draw your firearm and get the torch from the car. Your friend does the same. The women and children drive a distance off as and wait as you enter your property… You are going to open the house up and check that all is OK…. An all too familiar scene in the South African landscape…

But what if you had a centralized system on your smartphone that allowed you to view, operate and control your physical security system from anywhere in the world?

A system that would allow you the ability to visually verify each and every alarm trigger? A system that would allow you to remotely turn on irrigation, switch on lights, open or close doors, activate or de-activate monitored zones? Simply at the touch of a screen. Most impressively, do it effectively AND affordably?
A system that, for the first time in the South African Marketplace, puts you in control of your own security destiny. No more ambiguous text notifications.

  • Now you can see for yourself.
  • Switch on lights.
  • Take remote snapshots of every room and outdoor space before you enter.
  • Add to this a myriad of other life safety functions such as smoke detectors, temperature sensors, flooding sensors and gas leak detectors.

All from a single platform, at your fingertips.

Sound like some hoodwinking, smartass 0800 commercial, does it not? I promise you it is not! You have my personal and professional guarantee that it is everything but!

Please allow me to introduce JABLOTRON – the only solution for controlling your own security destiny.

Those that know me in the industry, will openly admit that I am most likely the most difficult, most-difficult-to-please, pedantic, and (most would most likely say) painful consultant to deal with. I do not believe any specification sheet. I trust no specification data. I TEST EVERYTING… I test every product to a point of failure. Simply because I stake my name and therefore my reputation every time I do that.

A year ago, Jablotron South Africa, represented by Bruce Lang and his technical team, installed a wide range of their products for assessment. A year later, I can testify that it not only met, but exceeded each and every aspect they advertised and presented.

Even a year down the line the support and quality of service did not waiver. If anything, it improved. I have never seen such a tight ship as being run by Mr Lang. Their subject matter expertise and service delivery is second to none in this industry. The company’s growth has been phenomenal and this year presented itself as one of the busiest stalls at SECUREX.

I primarily consult in the enterprise or macro scale segment of the marketplace. I audit, assess and manage risk over a broad field of applications and as such I am responsible for the design, specification, project management and operational oversight of major enterprise electronic security and life safety systems. As such, Jablotron will become a standard feature in my design approach to enterprise security.

For the first time in my professional career I am beyond comfortable to publicly endorse and recommend a solution. Simply put: I am officially purchasing a system and will have it installed to secure my house and loved ones on the farm. Those not from South Africa might not think much of such a statement, but those that are, will understand the life-critical physical demands of rural safety and security in South Africa today, specifically in the current socio-economic climate.

Whether it is securing your home and loved ones or a hundred global offices, JABLOTRON does it all from a single platform. Control your security destiny today.

Heinrich van Eck Independent Risk Consultant at Clients: ATTACQ & Atterbury Developers – Waterfall City, Midrand