PT-P700-X Label printer

Using this printer you can print labels for control segments of access units (keypads) at installation. The printing is possible straight from F-Link software version 1.2.0 or higher from the access module internal settings.

The drivers have to be installed for the proper functioning of the printer. The printer can also be used for printing labels using P-Touch Editor Lite software saved inside the printer memory. In this case no drivers are required.

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Dimensions (w x l x h)

78 x 152 x 143 mm

Weight, with no batteries and no tape

710 g


mains adapter AD-E001 EU (in accessories)
6 x alkaline batteries AA (LR6) / 1.5 V (not in accessories)

USB Port

USB mini B (in accessories)

Tape box for segment label printing

12 mm (w), 8 m (l)

Tape box for different printing other than segments

24 mm (w) / 3 m (l)