CU-08A Tracer – logistics unit

The CU-08A unit is a device which uses a GPS receiver to detect the position of a car, a motorcycle or cargo. The position can be ascertained any time via a single SMS command or when the ignition is on.

The unit can continuously send it via a GSM network to a data-collection server where the data is further processed into a vehicle log book.

Simply said, the unit can be used both for passive locating when it only answers a single command, and for the continuous transmission of real-time data to a data-collection server. If the attempt to send the data fails, the unit saves it in its internal memory and sends it later.

Journey commencement – turning the ignition key on activates the GPS module in the unit which starts assessing its position immediately. The journey starting is signalled by a lit LED which is then lit permanently for the whole duration of the journey.

Journey termination – the journey is terminated automatically 20 seconds after turning the ignition key off. If the key is turned on again within this period of time, the journey will not be split into two separate parts. This feature eliminates splitting the journey in two, e.g. when the engine stalls during acceleration from standstill and the driver restarts it immediately.

Technical Specifications

Additional information

Power Supply Voltage

8 – 30 V

Maximum current consumption

500 mA/12 V

Nominal current in on-line mode

50 mA/12 V

Standby current consumption

14 mA/12 V

working range of the GSM module E-GSM/GPRS

850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

Dimensions without the terminals and mounts L x W x H

68 x 91x 34 mm

Unit weight

125 g

Operating temperature range

-20 °C to +80 °C