GS-208-CO Wired module for connection of the Ei208W(D) CO detector

This is a plug-in module designed for direct integration in the Ei208W or Ei208DW stand-alone CO detector that will enable its wired connection to a security or another system.

The module provides galvanic isolation of the wired output from the entire detector. It provides the system with information about alarms and detector errors.

Technical Specifications

Additional information


9 – 15 V DC/5 mA


48 x 19 x 14 mm

ALM, TRB output load

100 mA/24 V DC

Environment class according to EN 50131-1

II. indoor general

Operational temperature range

-10 °C to +40 °C

Comply with

EN 50130-4, EN 55022, EN 50581